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Programme Support Services

Investing in development programmes requires significant administration.

But many organisations no longer have the necessary infrastructure to manage the processes.

Our Programme Support Team was established in response to a growing number of clients who asked us to help administer and manage their development programmes. It’s gone from strength to strength since 2001.

As a result, we have become highly experienced at designing and delivering cost-effective, reliable administrative support for small or complex development programmes.

Our services include:

  • Designing programme administration systems (including online)
  • Working with you on a marketing strategy for promoting programmes
  • Providing and managing psychometrics (e.g. our own leadership 360)
  • Crafting communications
  • Sending invitations, handling enquiries, bookings and queries
  • Creating registration systems (including online)
  • Dealing with attendance and chasing no-shows
  • Sourcing and booking venues
  • Collating evaluation sheets
  • (Re)producing materials
  • Keeping records and producing reports

So you no longer have to worry about the inevitable devils in the detail, but can keep your eye on that all important bigger business picture.

Our Programme Support Service Team

“It’s very difficult to design exercises that test the full range of competences but your exercises do. They also reflect the working life that participants know. They are often surprised at how well the process reflects their work situations.”

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