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Coaching is one of the most widely used forms of development. Yet many who use it find it difficult to precisely identify its organisational benefits

Our approach is based on understanding your organisational context and working with your people to link their personal coaching goals to your business aims.

In our experience coaching is a key investment of your people’s time and your money when it:

  • Allows individuals or teams to step back from their day to day activity to take stock of and focus on their situation – without distraction
  • Offers a valuable motivational tool for senior executives or teams – especially those encountering new career challenges or ‘transition points’
  • Provides an objective sounding board to help challenge and refine strategic or tactical thinking
  • Enables individuals or teams to take a dispassionate view of their strengths and be open about their weaknesses or areas of uncertainty
  • Supports organisational change with appropriate changes in attitudes, behaviour and skill

Faraday coaches are adept at teasing out the precise factors that support - or hinder - each individual or group. They draw out ideas and solutions based on your unique needs, rather than imposing our own.

Our coaching programmes offer your people the opportunity to assess their current performance and take positive action on all areas they want (or need) to develop, always firmly linked to your business agenda.

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