Working with organisations with people

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Our Approach

Transparency is essential

We can only succeed if we are absolutely in tune with your objectives

This transparency starts from day one, with jointly agreed, assessable objectives and outcomes for every phase of your programme.

It continues through:

  • Regular review meetings
  • Your right to approve everyone involved in the project
  • Joint briefing sessions for all consultants involved
  • Clearly articulated programme objectives at every phase
  • Documented and shared reports on every activity
  • All new programme initiatives fully agreed with you in advance
  • Electronic documentation available at any time on our website
“The development programme addressed current challenges faced by us. That meant that it was being conducted in ‘real time’ and keeping it relevant and responsive depended on a strong working partnership between Faraday and ourselves. Our feedback to you is that working with Faraday is easy. You listened, did reality checks and handled feedback well. You were aware of what we were trying to do, had clearly done the background and seemed easily to understand our needs. And at all stages you gave care and attention to meeting those needs.”

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